Girl Refuses To Put 20,000 RMB Bag Through Beijing Subway Security Check, Says, “My Daddy Will Kill You”

Update, 11:24 pm: Bumped original video down in lieu of the above, which is slightly longer and in higher definition.

A young woman got into a fight with subway security last Friday at Beijing Subway’s Changping Line. According to the video description, the scuffle began when she refused to put her bag through the X-ray machine, reportedly saying, “My bag costs twenty-fucking-thousand bucks, can you afford to touch it?” She then began cursing the poor security guards, with her male companion joining in.

Okay, context time: security check at Beijing subway is unnecessary, and as we’ve seen before, easily bypassed. But for crying out loud, it takes, what, 30 seconds to go through it, max? Throwing your bag into the scanner adds, on average, like five seconds to your travel time. Also, the people who work next to these machines usually are wide-eyed trainees who hate their jobs more than you hate yours, so why give them any grief? Does it really make you feel better about yourself? How shitty must your life be, and how low your self-esteem? Put your bag through the damn scanner like everyone else.

Later, the woman reportedly yelled, “I’ll fucking call my daddy to kill you.” When more security guards (chengguan?) came, a fight began, during which a cop’s arm was bitten. (All of this is still according to the video description, so take it with a grain of salt.)

We’re not sure whether the bag-carrying woman is a fu’erdai — a second-generation rich — but let’s see… rich accessory? Check. Brattiness and flaunting? Check. A threat to call on a parent to do her dirty work? Check. We’re gonna go ahead and tag this one fu’erdai.

Original Youku video here.

Vid in high-def:

    9 Responses to “Girl Refuses To Put 20,000 RMB Bag Through Beijing Subway Security Check, Says, “My Daddy Will Kill You””

      • Kevin P

        And living in Changping as well. If the bag really cost 20,000 RMB, somebody’s got a strange set of priorities.

      • Markoff

        yeah few days ago when waiting in Bank of china there was grandpa in Mao’s hat shouting at whole bank he is friends in CPC and he has 10 million on hs bank account, oh did I forgot to mention that he didn’t have VIP card or corporate account, but was served as same window as us at personal bankin department?

      • mike

        HAHA oh yea, good point!! WTF? I guess driving in Beijing is officially ‘that bad’..
        As I recall the Subway in Beijing is pretty reprehensible too.

    1. Owain Lloyd-Willams

      And there we thought China would have learnt from the whole 我爸是李刚 escapade regarding the calling of the rich and powerful parents to sort out the brattiness of the fu’erdai. At least Jaime Lannister learned his lesson – and now he can’t hold expensive handbags. Hmm I have an idea…

    2. leon

      Why, even on a site like this, does this stuff get posted? So what someone is being an idiot on the Subway. I bet it’s happening AS I TYPE THIS. Hardly interesting.

    3. TBZ

      I like how the guard decides to suddenly collapse at 0:38 in the youku video, then gets up again a few seconds later to start shit again :D


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