Teenager Poops In Guangzhou Subway Trash Receptacle [UPDATE]

Guangzhou subway poop trash can

This raises a very, very important question: does poop really belong in the “recyclable” side of the trash bin? Biodegradable isn’t the same as recyclable, is it?

At least he’s not doing it inside a subway carriage.

(Sina Weibo user @粤语最盏鬼, h/t Will Crook)

UPDATE, 7:28 pm: Mr. Crook sends this along: it appears that Guangzhou Metro has posted on its official Sina Weibo account the locations of bathrooms throughout the subway network. “Hurry and pass this to your nearby friends,” it writes.

It manages to avoid all mentions of what’s happening in the picture above. Well played, Guangzhou Metro.

Guangzhou subway bathrooms

    11 Responses to “Teenager Poops In Guangzhou Subway Trash Receptacle [UPDATE]”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      Actually… no, there are no public toilets in GZ subway stations. Nor in Hong Kong. Pretty sure other China big cities also don’t have.

        • Ick

          Shanghai too, it’s much better here than say London, but that’s one of the joys of it being 5, rather than 150 years old!

      • Jay

        Tianjin’s subway has them.

        I’m truly surprised that Guangzhou’s subway system doesn’t have toilets.

        The Ma On Shan line of the Hong Kong MTR does have toilets, I’ve used them.

      • Dumber

        Actually most subway stations have toilets, maybe not many toilets but they do exist.. in all cities.

        Maybe you haven’t been to any subway so far, and thus have no clue to what you’re talking about. “Chinese Netizen” — yeah, right..

    2. Sienna

      Aw it’s really cute the Guangzhou subway responded by telling us where the bathrooms are. Personally, I think the bathrooms are one of the best things about the Beijing subway. Stinky but so very convenient.


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