The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

February 18 – February 24

A Chinese official missed his flight, then went ballistic while everyone watched. Nick Bedard helped us look back at Tracy Mcgrady’s year that was in China. This sad polar bear in Beijing Zoo is really sad, wrote Elliott Bernstein

Check out how fast security officers can run when trying to chase journalists away from the reported Mandiant building in Shanghai. Meanwhile, John Artman scrutinized the Mandiant Report. Before that, Wendy Hale wrote about Mandiant. Hu Xijin says he didn’t know what Fox News was until everyone compared Global Times to Fox News.

Seventeen-year-old Li Tianyi, who is kind of a prick, has been detained for gang rape. Mark Dreyer wrote about the lifetime penalties and other punishment for those caught in soccer match-fixing. Chinese software company Kingsoft mocks Kim Jong-un and North Korea.

Bo Xilai has a beard; maybe one of these? Sina Weibo suspended three prominent accounts in two weeks. Thousands gather to mourn young man who died after falling through ice; he had been trying to save someone else.

Porn was projected onto a big screen in Guangdong province — fun for everyone! Former CCTV broadcaster Sen Luo was busted for having too much porn. Gabe Clermont saw Beijing Galaxy Soho when he saw gameplay for Killzone 4. Finally, a Marxist-Leninist zookeeper is wanted.

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Comment of the Week:

Jess, on Johan U’s post about a Beijing shop whose sign reads “This shop does not receive the Japanese, the Philippines, the Vietnamese, and dog”:

Oh, silly. Dogs can’t read!

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