The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

March 31 – April 13

Shannon Shapiro wrote an oral history of the popular Beijing bar 4corners, this after checking out a rehearsal with Plus One for Beijing Improv Festival. Beijing air quality may be bad, but how obsessed are we in repeating that fact? Something dumb: #CancelColbert.

The Beijing Ducks celebrated their second CBA championship, while star point guard Stephon Marbury was made an honorary Beijing citizen. To wrap up our season of CBA coverage, Beige Wind wrote about Xinjiang guard Shiralijan’s obscene gesture at the end of his team’s Game 5 win in Beijing, which caused a storm and a meme.

Ai Weiwei stars in a new short film called The Sand Storm. TimeOut’s list of 100 best mainland Chinese films is well worth checking out.

You can now read my story about panda sex from the That’s Shanghai Erotic Fiction Competition. Baidu autofill and sperm. Porn.

Comment of the Week:

Tiu Fu Fong on post about Falun Gong practitioner making a Chinese media headline:

I don’t think any religious group should be persecuted for their beliefs or their perceived threat to the CCCP as an alternate organisation.

That said, if I was forced to choose one religion/spiritual practice to persecute, FLG would probably be it.

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