The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

April 2 – April 8

If you’re not excited, you should be: Alessandro is coming back! Meanwhile, BJC continues to roll out original content, on Tuesday with Jon Pastuszek’s retrospective on Stephon Marbury, and on Thursday with Sir Charles Dashwood, as decrypted by RFH.

Jason Chu is the latest to join our “Chillax” feature with the video for “City of the North,” part of his Goodbye, Beijing EP. We relived the Ducks’ championship two weeks ago with a collection of videos, and let ourselves get taken back to our Nintendo-playing youth in this IKEA commercial, as uncovered by Mr. Smith.

A toddler gets pulled out of a Yunnan well here, while a toddler is seen in a funny posture at Raffles Mall here. Beijingers: watch where you walk, lest you want to be boiled alive, and for the love of civility, expats, Scott Grow tells you to not piss in the streets.

As of this moment, China Daily follows the likes of Tweet Flirt and Ivanka, while Global Times follows the FBI Press Office.

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