The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

September 3 – September 9

A college beauty contest requires that contestants have nipples that are at least 20 centimeters apart. The Yangtze River ran blood red on Thursday, cause still unverified. And the best part of this post about high-level Communist Party intrigue is the cat on the top of the wrecked Ferrari.

RFH reviewed two exhibitions worth seeing in Beijing. Thanks to a massive freak-out, Hong Kong has decided not to make National Education mandatory. The driver who initially hit two-year-old Wang Yue last October and drove way was sentenced to three and a half years to jail — the story is awaiting its fifth act.

There were a lot of bad driving on display this past week; just one example is this guy who caused a massive traffic jam by braking just because he missed his exit on the highway. On a lighter note: insurance scam fail; a strange and wonderful transparent dress; and 1, 2, 3, 4.

Some foreigner in Henan robbed a cashier of 7,000 yuan with just sleight of hand. Overseas foreigners: this survey on the upcoming National Congress is for you. Jim Fields wrote about the odd beauty of Chinese ordinance signs. Episode 4 of Beijing Slice on the Taco Bar is the most-commented of the series so far. And finally, here’s the first episode of a new feature called Saturday Morning Cartoon.

Comment of the Week:

“B” started an interesting discussion on this post, but Pete DeMola is taking this week’s honors with tweets such as:

We think you’ll be seeing him in this space again in the future.

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