The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

February 3 – February 16

Derrick Sobodash had an unfortunate encounter with thugs who wore chengguan uniforms. Stephon Marbury was ejected in his first game back from injury for throwing a “punch.” Here’s a review of Stagnant Water by Wen Yiduo, a master poet who is revived in a new translation.

The Sochi Olympics began. Our coverage begins with a post by Mark Dreyer on things to watch for. Global Times wrote a lot of crazy words on “Western media” reporting Sochi. In fairness to them, #SoichiProblems is just first-world whining.

scary fire broke out at 4corners on Chinese New Year eve. Patrick Lozada wrote about Xia Yeliang. Reporters Without Borders says China has basically no press freedom.

Danielle Sumita launched a video series on China finance and economics. Victoria Cook wrote about China’s gawking culture taken to the extreme. Austin Dean writes about money – the evolution of the Chinese banknote.

Beijingers: the Taco Bar is returning. And Xinhua loves its Jade Rabbit.

Comment of the Week:

Kibo, on Global Times’s Sochi post:

The so-called “Anthony Tao”, like blogger everywhere, will no rest until forces for porn, judicial oversight and the NFL overrun China with cultural imperialism, enslaving the greatest civilization ever with gimmicks, violence and breast implants. We must resisting!

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