The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

February 17 – March 2

A gathering of Beijing Creatives at Dada Bar was interrupted by police. Two foreigners were reportedly stabbed in Sanlitun. One-hundred-sixty people were stabbed in a Kunming terrorist attack.

A guy held a cleaver at a bank and was laughed at. This is the best Beijing smog image we’ve seen. Warner Brown wrote about a Mao portrait in Changsha.

Poetry Night in Beijing interviews: Helen Wing and Eleanor Goodman. Hilary Chasse took a closer look at Maximo Caminero destroying Ai Weiwei’s artwork. A boy died after dropping firecrackers down a sewer.

Wuhan students demonstrated for the equal treatment of sex workers. Marjorie Dodson wrote on “tuskonomics.” Astrill went down temporarily, making us realize that PornHub is now blocked in China.

Comments of the Week:

name, on the return of Laowai Comics:

now i get it. these awfully drawn and unfunny “laowai comics” are part of a devious plot by Mr Tao to collect negative comments for a corpus-based analysis of hate discourse in internet forums. we are his guinea pigs, his German Shepperd, and laowai comics is the bait. Mr Tao, you are indeed a true creative and i salute you.

D on dangers of jaywalking post:

China has 5,000 years of history. We all know that China has its own characteristics and conditions. In a word, it is not proper for you to apply Western concepts of traffic navigation to China.

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