The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

March 26 – April 1

RFH wrote the most-read post of the week, “Corruption, Murder, And Intrigue In The Middle Kingdom.” Royston Chan of Reuters wrote the most disgusting China story of the year, about urine-soaked eggs. Kurt De Raedemaeker, a Flemish art dealer who’s been under house arrest in Beijing since 2008, died of a heart attack.

Have you heard? The taxi fuel surcharge is now 3 yuan. Also, Beijing is home to both the men’s and women’s champions of Chinese basketball. You can watch the Ducks’ gripping Game 5 series-clinching win in its entirety — plus other postgame videos – here. It almost makes one forget how classless the Guangdong Southern Tigers were, starting with its boss, Liu Hongjiang, who inexplicably ordered a human flesh engine search on a Beijing fan that ended up hurting an innocent woman.

BJC’s newest column, To Serve People, debuted with guns blazing. The lades of Beijing cream talked about menstruation. And this Kickstarter project — Chinafornia — is worth supporting.

Sina and QQ Weibo were ordered to shut down their commenting feature for three days for not censoring their users more closely. Meanwhile, China’s crusade against “illicit content” on the Internet has led to its newest campaign, Spring Breeze.

Special shout-out to @niubi of Sinocism, who had nice things to say about this site, and Shanghaiist for linking to our Traffic Light series. Now if only we could extend our compliments to China Daily, who is still not following @beijingcream.

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