The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

April 16 – April 22

BJC’s most-commented post so far was Tuesday’s “A Story About Journalism,” in which I wrote about how a small Associated Press editing mistake led to a whole lot of misunderstanding and anger half a world away. This came a day after RFH’s excellent Bo Xilai rumor-roundup, which came on the heels of our inaugural “Meet an Expat” column about a Tianjin foreigner who gave up his American citizenship so he could stay in this country with his Chinese wife and son. (If you haven’t seen it, Jackson has posted a long reply on the post.)

London mayor Boris Johnson is on Sina Weibo, though he’s almost as bad at Chinese social media as he is at the Western variety. Several months after sweeping Facebook, the Carl Weathers as Kony meme has reached China. And have you ever tried to picture Helen Keller eyewear?

There was a soccer skirmish in Qingdao earlier this week, and hopefully someone cares. This man is the best auto sports fan I’ve ever seen. This is the best dancer on Wangfujing, especially accompanied by that awesome music. This is the most crowded subway ever, in Japan. And this might be the best homemade Iron Man suit you’ll see in China.

By the way, Lola coined the term “frivolititties” this week. If you ever see that word elsewhere, go to this post and tell us about it.

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