The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

October 29 – November 4

People’s Daily wrote a withering rebuke of the New York Times and dredged up some old cases of plagiarism, all while plagiarizing. A woman drunk tweeted about her drunkenness before dying in a single-car crash, while Ningbo PX protests were the big news of the week.

Jim Boyce has inspired a Momo party tomorrow evening at Fubar, which should be spectacular. Kindergartens around the country have been smoking out child abusers. A foreigner and Chinese security guard got into a fight over some salty English words. And this is the worst photoshop job ever.

As they hand out red armbands in Beijing (perhaps unwisely) in preparation for the 18th National Congress this coming week, we already have our first victim — of overwork, that is, in the form of 30 straight hours. If you’re going to do the Gangnam Style, please, do it on a sturdy stage. Here’s a Republican attack ad that shows Obama bowing to Hu Jintao and says that’s Communist.

Three basketball stories, because it’s that season: the CBA’s “Bayi rule” will ensure the PLA’s team won’t suck so much, the best female player on the planet has signed with the WCBA, and here is the definitive Jeremy Lin – James Hardin GIF.

Halloween in China was quite something — though those of you taking this poll weren’t in the spirit. Finally, snow has fallen in Beijing.

Comments of the Week:

And D dropping some knowledge on the People’s Daily plagiarism post:

The Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China has specific exemptions declaring copyright to be null and void in matters of newsworthiness.

That makes it hard to argue that People’s Daily has committed ‘wrongful appropriation’ or violated any actual law. For its purposes, this was all cherry picked from some nebulous public domain.

Within the context of journalism, the whole reason people harp on plagiarism is that it is somehow more honest to attribute the source of these words (arguable) and that being so forthcoming is an essential part of a media outlet’s integrity and credibility.

Since People’s Daily has neither intergrity nor credibility, I’d say it’s safe.

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