Here We Go Again: Toddler Poops In Airplane Aisle

Kid poops on plane

Kids do the darndest things. From everybody’s Sina Weibo accounts, this:

Well that escalated. Lookee from subway to plane cabin.

That’s the opening line to the post introducing the image, featuring a kid squatting in the aisle of an airplane and dropping a deuce. Most commenters seem unhappy that the parents would allow such a thing to happen, but hardly surprised. Here’s a toddler pooping in a Taiwan airport, here’s a toddler pooping in a Shenzhen hospital, and the image that started it all — the “subway” reference in the above blockquote — here’s a kid pooping on a moving train.

Other places we expect to see toddlers embarrass their parents with their bowels, ranked from most likely to most desired:

  • Funeral parlor
  • Public bus
  • Teacher’s desk
  • Fruit basket
  • Doorstep of Fang Binxing
  • Xi Jinping parade route
  • Moon bounce castle

Hey, parents… it might be time:


(H/T RFH @MissXQ)

    21 Responses to “Here We Go Again: Toddler Poops In Airplane Aisle”

    1. terroir

      While it’s great to come here for my daily scoop of “The State of Poop in China”, I’d bet a deuce that the parents aren’t embarrassed and this continual attempt to shame these parents online won’t work: either they don’t have internet or that these highly devoted parents will suffer anything in order to protect their children.

      All that remains is a brown legacy for observers to sneer at.

      • mr. wiener

        Does good etiquette demand that one grind the offending stool into the carpet with one’s heel or ignore said turd? Market research wants to know. As the Chinese become more rich and refined maybe there will be a market for a foldout kiddy pooper-scooper.

      • Gay Chevara

        If they’re on a plane, they’ve got internet.

        But they will not feel ashamed. Chinese people seem to never feel ashamed of their children’s actions.

        Unless they fail the Gao Kao.

    2. fdawei

      Despicable on the part of the parents and child.
      We have a classless, tasteless and unsophisticated, but monied, society that allows Chinese to travel everywhere, but also doesn’t train them to act in an acceptable fashion. You can’t take the country out of a “rich” country bumpkin.

    3. Chinese Netizen

      All you make jokes about this poo and commenting against 5,000 years of glorious Chinese culture!!! Damned to you in Hell!!!

      You hurt the feelings of the Chinese poople and will incur our wrath!!!!

    4. Not china

      Just to clear the air…… the kid pooping in Taiwan was a tourist from China. The kid is NOT Taiwanese. AND Taiwan is not a part of China.

    5. Henry Pinch

      Here in Shenzhen a Kid pinched a loaf in front a 123 Mart whilst His mother allowed the mange-ridden family dog to urinate on the left leg of a guy sitting in one of the chairs there. Good times for sure.


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