The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

August 19 – August 25

Please allow us to introduce Chug-Off for Charity’s judges. A police officer slammed a seven-month-old infant to the ground on a drunken bet. Lots of foreign correspondents partied it up in Jinan, Shandong province, where the Bo Xilai trial began this week.

Speaking of Bo Xilai: everyone followed the trial on Sina Weibo. Here’s the man himself, and here’s his wife giving a video testimony.

A man in Anyang, Henan province randomly stabbed lots of bus passengers, killing three. Check out this photo of mainland tourists taking photos in front of a photo. Mike Tyson is now on Sina Weibo, and calling out chengguan.

A Washington DC panda gave birth over the weekend. Watch out for cockroaches — all 1 million of them, newly escaped — in Dafeng, Jiangsu province. Stephon Marbury probably will be coach of Chinese basketball someday. And will this help men pee better?

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