The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

April 30 – May 6

When Chen Guangcheng left the US Embassy on Wednesday, the China Twittersphere blew up and CGC went viral (our contributions). RFH asked about the role of Hillary Clinton and US diplomats. The Global Times evacuated itself on some paper, called it an editorial. Many newspapers did, in fact, but only Beijing News apologized for its Chen diatribe. Mitt Romney’s been making comments about Chen as well, and being a real dick about it, if I may say. Says Stephen Colbert of Chen Guangcheng: “Apparently losing your sight doesn’t just make your ears better, it makes your balls bigger.”

The Good Doctor reviewed the Dong Festival and had nice things to say. RFH wondered about Titanic II – not the movie, the planned cruise ship based off the Titanic. Drake reviewed Grandmaster Flash. Speaking of Drake, there’s a much bigger asshole depicted on this poster.

Here‘s video of a Chinese model at the Beijing Auto Show, but it’s possible we buried the lead — not embedded in that link is video of her letting a TV show host feel her breasts to “prove” they’re not fake. This could be the greatest dog in this country, or ever. Allen Iverson and Dennis Rodman are in China to play exhibition basketball. We all wait with baited breath to see where Stephen Marbury’s statue will be placed.

Voting has closed for the City Weekend Readers’ Choice Awards, but the Beijinger one is still open, until Wednesday. We’ll have something to say about it tomorrow. You’ll want to swing by for that.

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