The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

May 14 – May 20

The evangelical Christian Bob Fu really should stop using Chen Guangcheng and Foreign Policy to convert Chinese people to Christianity. For a different take on CGC, check out Lola B’s declaration of love for the man’s good looks. Meanwhile, MSNBC decided to be stupid by writing about English teachers in China in the most unenlightening way possible.

The New York Times’s Lede blog linked to RFH’s update on the foreigner who got beat up on the street. That incident may or may not have prompted the Public Security Bureau to announce tightened security restrictions. Stephon Marbury’s passport will never be checked though; he has his own statue.

Kevin Reitz and Piper Fisco came over to advertise our Bar and Club Awards. As of this writing, Yang Rui is still probably upset at foreigners; no word on whether that includes Asian Americans like Rice Boy Liu. Sofa car man is now a GIF. Anus woe.

This Apple is sucking Android, while Beijing Craigslist never ceases to amuse.

Thank you for your continued support.

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