The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

June 25 – July 1

South China Morning Post finds itself in journalistic crosshairs, thanks in large to some withering criticism by Paul Mooney. Stephon Marbury held a book signing — for his book — yesterday in Beijing. And RZA made a martial arts movie set in China, the official trailer for which will blow your mind.

A gruesome accident led to the death of five cyclists in Shandong province — that post would have been the most-read of the week if not for this one, showing two children playing Frogger across four lanes in Hunan (Kotaku linked to it, and then our YouTube video got deleted because YouTube moderators apparently suck). Semi-related, a woman went bonkers after crashing into a four-year-old and mother, stripping her clothes and obstructing an ambulance from taking the child to the hospital.

Two protests (at least) happened in Guangdong this week: one caused by fighting teens, another by corrupt officials. Meanwhile, street enforcement officers — chengguan — continue losing the public relations battle, as three incidents in Nanjing demonstrated. At least the word “traitor” wasn’t applied; see: worst city in the world, part three.

Where’s WALL-E? At a robot-themed restaurant in Harbin apparently. Here are some amazing drawings by North Korean defectors of DPRK work camps. Are you still sexually harassing women in provocative dresses? Everyone would like you to stop, please (especially this Global Times columnist, probably). Leehom Wang carried the Olympic torch in Manchester, to girls’ delight. By the way, have you heard the London Olympics song? And this ad from Ukraine: racist?

A man rented out a big screen outside Beijing West Railway Station and played video games to prove to his girlfriend that he had initiative. And finally, here’s a toddler with an Apple logo shaved into his head.

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