The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

May 13 – May 19

Matt Sheehan wrote about an epic Beijing airport delay-turned-rumble involving China Eastern Airlines staff. Ai Weiwei uploaded video of a huge brawl on Guijie, a popular food street in Beijing. Have you voted in our Bar and Club Awards yet? For a breakdown of the categories:

Global Times wrote another incredible editorial, if you can call it that; we had to counter with this. Chinese porn censor doesn’t really like his job.

Greg Donohue wrote probably the nicest words about Henan you’ll find anywhere. Murong Xuecun asks about freedom of speech. Police released footage of the Jingwen death that sparked a big Beijing protest, but questions still remain.

Environmental protests happened in Kunming again. Something weird is coming out of this Nanjing street. Here’s another “protest” of sorts — of bad Maserati dealership service. Shed a tear for Hong Kong’s rubber duck.

Comment of the Week:

Alec, on the airport rumble:

Impressively written. Good work, Sheehan.

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