The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

July 15 – July 21

We reviewed the Miss World China show at Galaxy SOHO in Beijing. Hannah Lincoln visited the world’s largest building.

A man stabbed and killed two people at Chaoyang Joy City in Beijing, with cops eventually taking him down. Asiana Airlines wanted to sue KTVU, which was stupid. Beijing and Shanghai airports are the worst, for real.

A petitioner used gunpowder from fireworks to bomb… himself at Beijing Airport. A newborn was baked to death in an incubator, in what has to be the worst story of the month. Tsinghua professor Yi Yanyou has no idea what rape is.

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma compared his leadership decisions to Deng Xiaoping’s during the Tiananmen crackdown. Protests happened in Chenzhou, Hunan province after chengguan were suspected of beating to death a fruit vendor. Kim Jong-un loves – loves mushrooms.

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