The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

August 12 – August 18

Andray Abrahamian wrote about Barclays vis-a-vis sanctions on North Korea. Beige Wind wrote about cultural approbriation and the Sichuan singer Luo Lin (Dao Lang). We interviewed Guda, porn star, who talked about Xinhua.

Thanks to Sherpa’s, competitors of Chug-Off for Charity are basically getting paid to drink, so sign up already. A Chinese man got drunk and nearly shipped himself to Los Angeles. Here’s a man catching his girlfriend who was trying to commit suicide.

Tiananmen’s Tank Man was in a Cirque du Soleil show in Beijing. A Henan zoo tried to pass a dog off as a lion. Shenzhen newspaper wants you to know its city is awesome.

This 90-year-old grandmother has only love and support for her gay son. That high-rise villa is about to be demolished, so we’ll no longer get incredible aerial views of it such as this. You can own the replica vagina of model Zhang Xiaoyu.

A tragic story of a day at the dog park gone awry. Beijing rain makes for fun, death. Neil Heywood’s family wants money.

Comment of the Week:

Jess, on the picture of Dray’s Barclays bank card in the trash:

I can’t help but be perturbed by the inconsistent placement of electrical sockets on the wall…

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