The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

November 25 – December 8

Story of the week: RFH on Nikki Aaron and the dangers of shilling propaganda for Chinese state media. American rappers Pacman and Peso went to North Korea to film a music video, and here’s how it went. Carl Setzer wrote an open letter to UK-based BrewDog.

We reviewed political prisoners of China playing cards. Wu’er Kaixi tried to get himself extradited to mainland China; failed. Dutch broadcaster won’t apologize for racist remarks against Chinese singer, and Chinese netizens don’t seem to care.

David Cameron visited China. Another seeks child molester flees to China, writes Alina Tsui. Huizhou traffic cops are awesome, writes Sophie Haas. Here’s Beige Wind on Chinese literary giant Wang Meng.

Here’s a wedding gone terribly wrong. Donnie pretends to be Roger Federer, a stunt gone right. And the comic Sanmao is on display and probably worth seeing at the National Art Museum of China.

Comment of the Week: 

holy shit on the “minor traffic accident” post:

Why is it that whenever anyone comments on this site — on ANYTHING — its always to insult the post, or the website, or another commenter, etc? Why the hell does everyone have to start shit on here. Jesus, you fucking people, don’t you have anything better to do besides getting your god damn panties in a twist?

–Longtime reader but first time commenter

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