The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

December 9 – December 15

Some migrant workers in Beijing were kicked out of their wells, which they were living in. Chinese hackers phished European diplomats by dangling the prospect of nude photos of Carla Bruni. Liao Yiwu ran naked — again — in Stockholm in honor of Liu Xiaobo.

Tom Carter conducted a record-setting AMA on Reddit for Unsavory Elements. Justin Mitchell checks in with us from Denver. The smog has created a new buzz word, as Bernd Chang writes: “feed people smog,” a homophone for “serve the people.”

The New York Times has lost $3 million in revenue since China blocked its website. Its future in this country is uncertain. A foreigner in Beijing was deported for hitting a woman with his unregistered motorcycle and working here illegally.

Brendon O’Kane offered a brilliant translation of a circumcision poem. CCTV imitated the Onion. And one more on the Rubber Duck: “Like with love, you’ll scrub and scrub and you’ll never be clean of it.”

Comment of the Week: 

Manzom, on circumcision poem:

Oh great. Just as people are waking up to the circumcision scam in the west, they’re trying to sell it in China now. Unfortunately, a lot of idiots will probably fall for this. “A fool and his foreskin are soon parted”.

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