The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

February 20-26

This was a week of firsts: the first art column, in which resident artist Lola B analyzed traditional Chinese ink and wash paintings and expressed her approval of Qi Baishi; the first comics, Acid Dumplings by Torval Lokison and The Utopia Within by H; the first Traffic Light video (it only gets more horrific — and possibly hilarious — from here); the first submissions from Lonelyhearts writer Jorge and art reviewer Guy Templeton (plus an introduction to that asshole Drake Moreau); and of course, the first post after the site’s official launch.

We reviewed the trailer for Shanghai Calling and concluded the film will almost certainly be shitty. Jon Pastuszek came over from NiuBBall to write the most comprehensive English-language CBA playoffs preview on the Internet. We satirized Jeremy Lin mania with China Daily Show, though no way we could’ve come up with “Me love you Lin time,” a bit of brilliance from the Asian American Journalists Association. Meanwhile, these CBA All-Stars nearly killed the game of basketball.

Here are some pictures of Chinese women doing yoga.

And as of this writing, China Daily is still following @sexbases@NaughtyBlondy18 and @dbnipslip.

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