The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

April 23 – April 29

Where is Chen Guangcheng right now? Or as our Chinese friends on Twitter and the Free CGC blog are saying: “陈光诚现在到底在哪?” If you’d like an explanation of the series, see this post from about 1:30 am today.

The news outlets have been so consumed by Chen that they’ve totally forgotten about Bo. Just this week, Bo Guagua made his first public statement in the Harvard Crimson, but all we heard was Oxford, Oxford, Oxford (there’s a great comment at the end of that post). Then we photoshopped Bo Jr.’s head onto Barack Obama’s body.

BJC uncovered video of another pedestrian falling through the sidewalk in China, which was immediately copied by traditional media like the Telegraph and reposted under their name. American Mike Sui imitated a bunch of people in this video, which is raking up views by the thousands. Leehom Wang sang “As Time Goes By” at the opening ceremony of the Beijing International Film Festival, but he flubbed a key line.

We upset some folks by suggesting Time Out’s Food Awards are upscale… though I suspect the offending line, written by reader E, must have been, “I’m surprised that Time Out, a British-owned publication, is so interested in blowing their literary loads all over a bunch of French place”). Natsun, the friend of Jackson, the subject of a controversial “Meet an Expat” column last week, wrote a formal response. A slackline-walker crossed a canyon in Hebei, while a wingsuit-flier glided over Hunan’s Highway to Hell. Here’s a homemade electric car built on a farm on the outskirts of Beijing, a city that, in case you’ve forgotten, is hosting the China Auto Show.

And finally, here, again, is Victoria Beckham with Harper Seven at Sanlitun’s Opposite Hotel — a story still without redeeming value.

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