The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

December 31 – January 6

BJC contributors weighed in on last year’s most “non-notable” events. Chinese activists pushed past security to visit Liu Xia. Here is the ultimate anti-censorship rap video. And Google stopped notifying users of sensitive searches, but should we care?

Murong Xuecun had some very critical things to say about China. Suffering from low libido? A Wuhan hospital’s “sex ward” may be for you. And Jilin had babes in boots in the snow (ditty mine).

Quincy Douby scored a CBA-record 75 points in a single game on Wednesday. Marcus Williams tested positive for marijuana, but his agent says it was for medicinal purposes. Burmese bombs landed in Yunnan – China’s not too happy. Cy Leung remains unpopular in Hong Kong.

We’ve seen our first accident caused by the country’s new yellow light law, which isn’t working very well. A Shenzhen man went on a scary slashing spree, killing one. A private orphanage killed seven people, and authorities may be blaming the foster mother.

These lions are pissed off. Here’s how you can give People’s Daily feedback about English-language China publications. Oh, and Happy New Year.

Comment of the Week:

Jonathan Alpart, on the significance of 2013-01-04:

With the Beijing accent, anything can sound like anything:



“Err lnggg errr shrrr errr shrrr”


“Err lnggg errr shrrr errr shrrr”

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