The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

July 29 – August 4

The Wall Street Journal’s Chinese website has been censored in China. Day Above Ground did something really quite racist, which Pete DeMola picked apart… and picked apart again after the dudes doubled down on their stupidity.

This week marked the debut of Beige Wind, who will write Dispatches from Xinjiang (first up: Abdulla, the “Leonard Cohen of Northwest China“). Steven Zhang wrote about visiting a Chinese tire factory. And Abe Sauer reviewed Pacific Rim, Hollywood’s latest lazy summer moneymaker.

Here’s a swimming pool that’s really, really crowded. Here’s a villanelle about Beijing and Shanghai. Hannah Lincoln reviewed the documentary Living with Dead Hearts.

Matt Sheehan has a handy how-to guide for building a really cheap, functional boat. Here’s how you can download the PLA’s glorious first-person shooter, “Glorious Mission Online.” Shanghai’s hottest-ever July meant people could cook bacon out on the street.

Tianjin is holding some sort of supermodeling contest. A girl in Harbin was killed from a karaoke microphone. China finished second in the East Asian Cup soccer tournament.

This week also marked the return of Three Shots With (Vicky Mohieddeen) and, after a one-week hiatus, The Creamcast (Kenn Bermel).

Comment of the Week:

Honorable mention: Henry, on a chengguan post from last month:

I’m late to this – just following links starting with an article on The Diplomat – but the question about chengguan budget reminded me that I had conducted an actual scientific survey on how many there are in Beijing:

Needless to say I knew none of their background or violent reputation when I wrote this six years ago.

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