Police Are Now Using Pistols And Shovels To Kill Tibetan Mastiffs

Tibetan Mastiff shot and beaten 1

Not a week after we learned about a Tibetan Mastiff that was brutally shot to death by armed officers, here’s a story about two Tibetan Mastiffs shot — with pistols — and beaten — with shovels — by police officers and residents of a village in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province. NetEase has the story and pictures. Warning: pictures aren’t pleasant to look at.

The images begin to get graphic at this point in the slideshow (warning: graphic). Twenty officers were reportedly called in to put down the two dogs, which were “causing havoc.”

And to think: it wasn’t all that long ago that we thought Tibetan Mastiffs, which sold for record prizes at auctions, were considered exotic and precious in this country. The truth is: some Tibetan Mastiffs are fed abalone and sea cucumbers; others are just large mutts that are put down by whatever means. C’est la vie.

Tibetan Mastiff shot and beaten 2
Tibetan Mastiff shot and beaten 3
Tibetan Mastiff shot and beaten 4
Tibetan Mastiff shot and beaten 5

Mission accomplished, assholes.

Tibetan Mastiff shot and beaten 6

(H/T Abe Sauer)

    96 Responses to “Police Are Now Using Pistols And Shovels To Kill Tibetan Mastiffs”

    1. MrY

      Whine all you want, but these stupid dogs should NOT be in the cities to begin with, and killing them outright is by far the best solution for when they eventually get out of control and attack people. I literally do not care.

          • terroir

            Sure. Your scintillating commentary should be applied to large cars as well. I mean, the one fault you have found with these dogs is that they’re large, right? Besides being “stupid”, that is.

          • laura

            So immigrants should be killed on site…large no paperwork. Ignorance!
            Animals are living just like you or I, tr2eat them with some respect.

            • Olag

              Yes illegals should be shot and killed there causing overpopulation by coming here in the first place and then fucking like rabbits so their godforsaken spawn can ” stay in country because their ” citizens” no their not just cuz they where born doesn’t mean fucking shit and if those children have ” paperwork onsite ” it’s probably my social security card that got stolen out of my apartment last week . So if these dogs who are quite large and most aren’t tamed wolves like they have in auctions and are pampered like celebrities who went out of like 10 years ago their not treated like animals not even eating their proper diets oh and that whole town has the budget of a motel in east manhattan I’m sure they wanted to kill it fast with just a gun not shovels but not every can afford a gun might as well the bullets Did you ever hear of reading then digesting then regurgitating or did your dirt eater Prius driving apple only arse see animals in pain and have to the most relative current thing u saw could think of that didn’t involve captain FUCKING PLANET so u we’re drinking DIET water in YOUR PRIUS /GAY SMART CART AND WERE LIKE ” I knoes I wills talks about somes immigrated alien s light bulb

          • Dina

            You’re an ignorant idiot…FUCKING VILLAGER!!!! How about I shoot and kill you for being annoying??? DUMB DICK LOSER!

          • Brandon

            So just because a dog is running around lose doesnt mean its going to attack anyone, and i believe your scared of these massive dogs because there alot bigger than you are and can do a lot more damage than you can, so if i ever see you or anyone that thinks like you goes crazy 1 time that means shoot your mother fucking ass on site right? i say yes

        • ty

          I can’t believe the comments on this page so far. I can’t read any further!!! How can you people call yourselves “human”? No one deserves to be fucking killed. Immigrants are people too!!! This is fucked!!!!

      • Kenzie


      • benji

        Its a slow day in the GWN for me to respond to your moronic comment.
        “I literally do not care”. I for one REALLY care that imbeciles like you may comments that literally show your mm deep personality. These majestic canines are loose due to their irresponsible owners. There are no bad dogs, just bad owners. Loose animals that present a threat to themselves or humans should simply be captured and safe facilities, either to be reclaimed by their owners (at a hefty fine), or adopted by owners who prove themselves capable of providing a good home. Others should be humanely put down after a reasonable period, following the models of SPCAs.

      • Central Intelligence Agency

        Mr.Y is correct, this shitty home-made news was written by stupid people who care so much about dogs, who do realize that these dogs were killed for a reason. It’s not a game, these are fierce dogs, even used in the Chinese Military, these are killer dogs. They are stray, you always kill them before they kill you, they are stray killer dogs, they’re basically as dangerous as wolves.

        Why do people kill wolves? Same reason they kill these kind of dogs.

        • L

          “Why do people kill wolves? Same reason they kill these kinds of dogs.”

          Exactly. Wolves are killed for killing livestock that are raised in areas that have ALWAYS belonged to wolves. We humans encroach on their territory and expect them to run off and leave us alone. When they come back onto their own land, we antagonize them and encourage them to attack us (which is the second reason why humans kill wolves: we blame them for reacting poorly to mistreatment, then kill them for not submitting to us). I think the final reason humans kill wolves (and large dogs like these) is because we’re afraid of them, and we want to say “Hey, we killed the big, scary monster” like it actually means something.

          That’s what it all boils down to: these dogs are suffering because people are evil and mean and horrible. They exist because we made them, and we can’t be bothered to care for them, so hey, let’s just kill them all. They’re broken toys that won’t do what they were made to do.

        • Yuliana

          you are stupid. wolves attack because they are threatened. when a dog is being brutally beaten, its going to defend itself or run away, as you can see in the picture. it was running away from the villagers and police officers with shovels and pistols.

        • Tony the Dog Fort

          You ignorant assholes. They were good enough to be bred to keep your flocks safe. But now they dont use them anymore you just bear them to death with shovels or shoot them because they are scared? You are nothing but cowards and bullies in uniform hiding behind a desk. You are COWARDS. Why not round them up and build a compound.Sedate them and move them safely away from the area. Dont beat them to death or shoot them just because you can . They are Majestic canine’s that humans used for there own means then discard them as garbage. Have a heart.

        • Zachary Crum

          So your telling me these dogs are just going around killing people…Wtf. I’m pretty sure they aren’t. I’m pretty sure you’re hunting the dogs killing them for no reason. Its either kill or be killed…right. Those officers have that cornered. If they’re so scary and man killers how did u get close enough to beat it to death with a shovel. I guess its stupid people theory “kill it we don’t understand it”

        • Bring it

          Really, Moon?! I don’t condone the killing of animals (which we ALL ARE BTW). IF YOU ALL HAD SO MUCH BALLS TO SAY ALL THIS CRAP ABOUT ONE ANOTHER, why don’t you all stop talking SHIT instead and fix the problem then! Go adopt all those animals getting ruthlessly getting killed (inhumanely or not)?! That’s right?! Because you’re all doing nothing but sitting on your assess giving opinions and doing nothing but reading and going through these articles. Bring on the race card, Moon, you b**** ass because you’re an ignorant f*** that won’t do sh** but sit on your ass and troll. Protect these animals by giving them a f**c king home then!

        • Ohm87

          yeah… chinese are also selfish! specifically when it comes to territory! chinese doesn’t just bully small countries but ANIMALS too! they also eat fetus what the fuck!hahaha!

      • mr j

        Wow Mr Y,
        I tend to think that no one cares about your opinion, eventually? so your say they “always” get out of control?
        what ever intelligence you have, i feel the lion’s share of it is spent on remembering to breathe

      • Go do some research

        Maybe if you go research Tibetan Mastiffs you would get some intelligence back and maybe gain a new braincell. They are ancient DOMESTIC dogs used as guardians for livestock. They are not aggressive like you seem to imply, these dogs here were simply looked after in the wrong way and either escaped or were set free. You might look at pictures of these dogs snarling and looking like they are attacking something but if you look closely enough you will most likely see a chain around it’s neck. These ones are not looked after properly. I have seen a Tibetan Mastiff (a deadly beast you think) playing with a child around 5 years old. Do some research before you waste your breath spreading bullshit.

        • Dogman

          Well put. But some people dont know what research means. They have not got a high enoungh brain cells to digest things like the history of an animal that used to protect their livelyhood

      • Akshat

        So just because a dog is running around lose doesnt mean its going to attack anyone, and i believe your scared of these massive dogs because there alot bigger than you are and can do a lot more damage than you can, so if i ever see you or anyone that thinks like you goes crazy 1 time that means shoot your mother fucking ass on site right? i say yes

      • #animallover

        Have a heart, you obviously have no place on this earth because you cant care about ANOTHER LIVING THING HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF AN ANGRY MOB CAME AND BEAT YOU WITH SHOVELS AND SHOT YOU TO DEATH?? I hope i run into you someday and put you out of your misery. If you had any knowledge at all it would be on how to be a heartless freak who has no respect for any other living things.

      • musa

        U are a pathetic excuse for a human being, U PIECE OF SHIT!!!
        How do you feel if u are to get beaten by shovels and worse about to be killed by pistols?
        And I am pretty sure that these dogs have done nothing serious like killing people. AND YOU BEING IGNORANT doesn’t even help this situation. ADVICE: DOGS AND ANIMALS ARE LIVING THINGS TOO JUST LIKE US

      • Daniel Johnson

        Your a grub and you should be killed the same way asshole! No bullets for u but just the
        Shovels. Not in the head but just the body so you die of internal bleeding fucking pussy

    2. Brido

      You can argue, “Well I wouldn’t start from here if I were you” all you like but ultimately if there’s a dog of that size and strength running loose then it’s better to kill it by whatever means to hand than have it attack a kid. If you think it wouldn’t then you’ve never been around large feral dogs. It may be cruel but it’s considerably less so than explaining to a parent why their son or daughter won’t be coming home.

        • Mr O

          Yes, I would go and capture that dog. I would shoot it with a tranquilliser and try to undo the damage that idiots like you and Mr.Y do with your “oh its big and scary we must kill it because it is evil by nature” attitude. If it poses any danger to man kind then kill it. What kind of idiots are you? There are ways and means around destroying life pointlessly although I highly doubt you or your kind have anywhere near the intelligence or compassion to realise that. I bet you sort out your problems by bare knuckle boxing the shit out of each other? Or maybe pissing in each others letterboxes or on each others wives to show dominance? If anything needs putting down its you and other creatures like you ……at least you can teach a dog!!
          I bid you good day creature. :)

    3. Pitbulllover

      You are such a heartless asshole these animals did not deserve this no matter what!! Plus these cops are going onto people property an killing their dogs you pig!!

    4. sinstomper

      i’ll jus be happy shooting MrY over there…followed by brido. your so called practicality reeks of illiteracy. there are literate and humane ways to deal with certain situations. you guys should be slaughtered in place of those beautiful creatures. f***ing humans ! i spit on your graves…

    5. Sethua

      I indeed would love to line up all them bitch ass asian scum and fucking shoot each one in the back of the head for population control and for brutality towards them. I fucking hate asians anyway if I had my way Id kill each man in this picture after sticking a shovel up their asses.

      • Ticklemyinsides

        But when all us Asians are gone who’ll make all the toys for children on Christmas :(?

      • Bring it

        F*** you too. Do something about it then. You’re the scum bag that won’t do shit. Or are you the one killing them in the Midwest. So I hear, they’re still looking for f***s like you. You’re ignorant so go back to school and learn something other then blaming people of different ethnic backgrounds for your short comings. Adopt them animals if you care so much. But stop blaming Asians. Who’s all the ones that kill wolves, the ones that killed the Tasmanian tigers, the ones that bring animals to the brink of extination??!! Humans. Whites, black, Asians, Indians, Hispanics, every f***c king rave and color. So stop pointing the finger asshole

    6. Mel

      The last dog was RUNNING AWAY from the armed mob. That is just merciless to kill any animal that way! Oh…and I am Chinese and an animal rights activist/ Vegan. I bet you wouldn’t like it if I put some broad, sweeping label on each and every individual in some White country.

    7. Sick

      Fucking sick chinky bastards. All you fucking chinks know how to do is kill innocent animals and serve them up with your shitty ‘food’. You all look the same you slant eyed fuckers. I hope all the other countries nuke you. Look at the size of them, these only look like puppies. FUCKING PUPPIES. What was the reason for this? I bet nothing.
      Sick. Your country is fucked up. I hope you choke on your noodles you buck teethed yellow scum. Ping pong ching churrrr

      • mrbailes99

        I slightly agree with you but there is no need to discriminate an entire race because you are angry

      • Bring it

        Sick, you sorry ass fu**. Point the finger and four of yours point right back at you! Your a human and your relatives and ancestors killed elephants, rhinos, dodo birds, bald eagles, every animal to live in the forest so you can live in the US. So stfu and take it like the b**** you are!

    8. mrbailes99

      this is absolutely ridiculous and not even close to being justified in anyway shape or form, I will literally come over there and take these dogs away from these people, show a little respect and not be so brutal

    9. FU

      Conclusion: Chinese kill this dog for food. Chinese always do that. They cannot control there population and they are out of food so they most likely eat rats, cat, dogs, snakes and other species. One day, they will get diseases for eating this animals and this disease will spread rapidly and will wipe out their race.

    10. Disgusted

      I was searching more info on this beautiful breed of dog, only to find pictures of humans (the assholes of the world) brutally killing them. What did the dogs do? The article doesn’t say if they hurt or killed anyone. We as humans, the so-called “superior species” see animals as lesser, disposable and unnecessary. I hope justice of some kind could be done, but this did happen in China and unfortunately WE can not do anything to keep this from happening again. We have enough trouble protecting animals in our own country from seeing such horrible fates.

    11. kris

      wake up!!!they kill the dogs so that they can get higher prices,just imagine a poor villager that sells a dog for a million,they just want to control their reproduction,it s so simple….

    12. educator of the ignorant

      These are 200+lb dogs. Live stock guardians. Bred originally to combat the threat of wolves and LEOPARDS.
      Unsocialized and feral these are VERY dangerous animals.

      While i can’t agree with the means by which they were put down. I certainly understand the need to control and if need be eliminate the feral population.
      Think of that person at the vet being dragged around by their overly friendly 80LB lab.
      Now picture that lab at 220lbs, completely feral, and hungry.
      Thats not an animal that can be controlled…….

      It is a shame that these dogs were irresponsibly bred and sold to novice owners, but it is necessary to deal with such a threat.

      • educate yourself first dipshit

        Hahaha “bred originally to combat wolves and leopards unsocialized and feral”.. stop spitting bullshit information to justify siding with a dumbass.

    13. Piotr

      What a shame and disgrace to any human that will kill a lost dog/animal like this. To all and any of you who would do this or justify this disgraceful act, remember, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES BACK AROUND MULTIPLIED! I thirst for Justice!

    14. SP95

      NO body should kill them if they are not attacking people. its written that they were causing havoc , not killing people. Let us not kill anything just assuming that it might attack us. another important thing is that govt. should ensure that such creature not come in streets and other open places. These dogs are previous they have great market in the world. Its shameful to kill such dogs that brutally by tabatian people who boast about “sufizm”.

    15. educator of the ignorant

      You’re illiterate. I don’t agree with what transpired, but these are not western bred Tibetans. There is a substantial blood lines used. These are “luxury” dogs. They are bred almost purely for look.
      Where as here in the states we regard our pets as family members. That being said most western bloodlines are just as selective for temperament as for looks.
      If you have no experience with feral animals, you’ll never be able to comprehend how they’re wired.
      You couldn’t tame these dogs, as heartbreaking as that is, anymore than you could tame a wolf.

    16. educator of the ignorant

      @mr o
      Your intent is noble. Unfortunately its not realistic to think you can reform feral animals.
      These dogs are unbelievable animals. Loyal, smart, stalwart, and VERY large.
      Left to their own devices, especially wild, that makes these dogs exceptionally dangerous.
      While I can’t agree with inhumane execution, in a country with such a horrible human rights track record, you can’t be surprised by the handling of this situation.
      Chemical euthanizing via darts would’ve been the way to handle this.
      I cannot stress how against taking lives I am, but a200+lb feral animal is unbelievably dangerous.

    17. I just laughed

      You animal lovers need to calm down a little. The dog(s) probably deserved it. Especially if they were jeopardizing the safety of the local villagers. I wouldn’t hesitate taking one down for sport just to mount on my wall if i had the chance.

    18. Mr O

      I just laughed, I wouldn’t mind taking you down for sport… But you’re too fucked up of a creature to put on my wall if I’m honest…

            • Mr O

              Thank you, but seriously tranquilizing them or something is the way to go about it not killing them with shovels/pistols in big gangs. Animals get scared too and feel pain like us, especially domesticated animals so they need to be treated in a humane manner should they pose a real threat to people. And just remember as I have often heard before, there is no such thing as a bad dog just a bad owner. As a dog owner all my life I know that for a fact and it annoys me that animals have to bare the brunt of the mistreatment they received. Just consider that. I’m not some hippy I’m just being logical. The way I look at it is there’s a 2% difference between ourselves and apes, imagine a race 2% more developed than ourselves came to earth and treated us how we treat animals? We would be screwed, and no amount of pleading or whining would ever change it because just like animals we would have no voice. Never forget that we are but animals, we just happen to be ahead at the minute in the evolutionary race (although sometimes I really do wonder) but anyways there is some food for thought. :)

    19. I just laughed

      All you animal lovers need to calm down a little. The dog(s) probably deserved it. Especially if they were jeopardizing the safety of the local villagers. Hell, I like to take one down for sport just to mount it on my wall.

      • Justin

        Either because you were beaten as a child, which if the case I am really sorry you endured that or because you think killing something that without the weapon you use would kill you makes you seem powerful would be the only two reason you would say that. If the latter, then the battle with that is something that will have to find a way to win, seeming unacceptable and painful to let it go at first soon gives way. If because you think doing would make you special, you are lost and likely suffering from that daily. Mounting animals on walls….21st century….wow how far we have to go before our species evolves enough to have a decent shot at long-term survival.

    20. MR.C

      I’m sorry but think about what you people just read. Here are 20 pictures and the story. 20 police officers brutally shoot and beat dog with shovel. shows pictures of dogs calling the people assholes…WHERES THE STORY. I could show a picture of me holding a knife and a woman on the ground and the woman could have been stalking me and broke into my house, but the title of my article is single man kills woman here is the story and 20 pictures.

      • Bring it

        Say that again, bi***! I’m sure you’ve Never sinned or your family or your race because you’re so perfect. Bringing out the race card because I’m sure your creed must have done some horrible things to you to make you believe other races are below you to make you comment like that. Ignorance breeds more ignorance. Please don’t have children and if you do I truly feel sorry for them.

    21. Jimmy

      I love the fact that people are bitching about Asians, when other cultured people have done a lot worst than this. I agree it is too brutal and it is heart breaking to see a mob of people just beating a dead animal, it’s just sad. To all those who says Chinese/Asians are stupid/ugly/nasty/etc are fucking stupid. I like to remind you different “colored” people what you guys have done hmm? Might I remind you, who was it that almost annihilated all the Jewish people? Or the fact that there are people who bred different dogs just to sell them despite how poorly the environment they were born in, some does not even survive in the first few weeks. I assume those comment about Asian are immature dumbass kids who knows nothing and are discriminating due to actions of a few Asian even though their actions are horrid. So how about go fuck yourselves and get education, you dumb fucks.

    22. Aditya Nair

      When you own a pet you got to take responsibility for its actions. But if, let’s say “specially gifted” think in their minds that its an easy job to do so, you are sadly mistaken. There have been so many reports of big dogs mauling and in some cases killing. Never forget its the owner not the dog that’s at fault. Yes, in some cases if there are fatalities then euthanization Is a choice, NOT the answer. But the unwarranted killing of big dogs is just moronic. People with this idea in mind, have a place in HELL.

    23. Wow...Just, Wow...

      There are so many trolls on here looking to get a rise out of people that it’s almost as humorous as it is pathetic. Your attempts to piss people off by saying the dogs ‘deserved to die’ are absolutely ridiculous. First off, there is absolutely no proof that these dogs were doing anything but walking down the streets of the city, getting in peopls way. They were SURROUNDED by gangs of people weilding weapons that were being slung at them; do you really think that they wouldn’t have gone after those people if they were as dangerous as you claim? ANY dog, be it a shepherd, tibetan mastiff, or a god damn jack russell, has the capacity and mindset to kill a human being, so for anyone to claim that it’s better to kill these ‘giant, agressive, untameable dogs’ is a complete and utter idiot. Even if these dogs HAD done something to warrant a death penalty, bludgeoning them to death and shooting them in public with improper weapons is just stupid. This is a POLICE FORCE that was called in, so why not try showing a bit of professionalism while your at it, instead of just raping nature like this?

      And for the dumbass who commented about wolves attacking people; do your research. Though there have been a number of attacks from all over the world, if you look into it you will see that many, if not most, were the cause of either rabies, agression toward the wolf from the human, or because the human has gone into the WOLFS territory and is taking their resources, NOT because wolves are bloodthirsty man killers. Get real.

      Everyone else, don’t even bother with these dumbasses, it’s probably the same guy under a different name trying to get a rise out of you because he has nothing better to do. As humans, we have the insight to know morally what is right or wrong. Those dogs are there because their owner neglected them and left them tot heir own devices, and if that means they have to scavange the city and compete with humans because nobody has a brain, than that’s what they’ll do, and quite frankly, I could care less how many people were hurt in the process; I don’t sympathize with humanity. Sure it sucks that innocent people get hurt, but you know what? Fuck it. We’ve been abusing, mis-using, and forsaking these animals SINCE THE VERY BEGINNING, and if we now have to deal with those mistakes in the form of strays hurting people (which very few actually do unless confronted), maybe we should have considered the consequences to our actions before we decided to screw those dogs out of a proper life int he first place.

      It just sucks they had to go out the way they did. Not one picture was shown with the dogs snarling, causing trouble, or even looking threatening; in the one pic they are chasing it down the street with shovels- you really dont think that dog wouldn’t take a chunk out of them if it wanted to? That’s just animal cruelty, and quite frankly I hope at least one of those dumbasses got bitten; BAD.

    24. asdasd

      Oh please, you’re all crying in the rain. I don’t know the reasons why these guys did what they have done but i/we would do the same if a vicious dog is loose in my neighbourgh. Rotweillers, pitbulls, bulldogs, all the dogs that are hostil by nature should not be roaming the streets where an innocent may get hurt.

    25. Some guy

      It’s a country where they don’t give two shits about human life, what makes you think they’ll care about animals? It’s a country where money buys you anything. Worse than America, worse than any other European country. How do I know? Living there.

    26. Kill China With Shovel


    27. Maria

      I don’t have words to describe this. This people are crazy! Poor dogs.
      People that can commit such cruel thing are heartless, no soul, cold psychopaths
      This fuckers should have the same ending…

    28. Anonymous

      The ironic part is that those policemen are basically animals too so it is basically animals brutally murdering another animal but chinese people also don’t give a damn if they kill a human so why would they give a damn if it’s just a god damn dog

    29. K

      Anyone who believes this is the “right thing to do,” is straight up going to rot in hell. You are an absolutely disgusting individual.

    30. Rayany

      For all those ignorant fuck ups out there just shut the hell up. What happened to these dogs is practically the same of what happened to Jews during the holocaust. Humans are killing these dogs who’s done absolutely nothing, with shovels none the less. “Oh hey, big furry ‘monster’ in the streets, let me just grab my handy dandy shovel here and BASH its skull in”. animal or not, death by shovel is just cruel. Sure this happened in China, but don’t go hating on all Asians because of these ignorant heartless people. I’m half Asian and I’d still totally break a shovel up these people’s asses for what they did to these dogs. Dogs by nature ARENT vicious, especially pitbulls, it’s PEOPLE that make them what they are. These animals are lost and more afraid of us then we are of them then to top it all off, they get beaten by shovels. How would you like it if you were lost and confused then a mob of people comes after you, swing after swing beating you with a shovel. You’re nose would break your jaw would fracture, teeth would be wrenched from your mouth as you feel each individual rib splinter. red would be all that you could see aside from the metalic glint of the shovel and you’ll eventually get to the point where you’re begging, just begging for someone to put an end to it all then guess what? You’re dead. Here lies so and so death by shovel. Doesn’t sound so nice now that the situation is turned around on you does it? Think twice next time before thinking anything deserves that kind of pain because you’d NEVER understand the kind of pain they go through and what it’s like to experience the kinds of torture they do just because they were born. Shape up and get your head out of your ignorant ass.

    31. emily

      This is totally inappropriate these dogs could be nice but they see these people killing the other dogs so the are violent

    32. САша

      китаёзы вы просто твари.вы скотины как и ваш мао.китайцы вы твари.себе подобных убивайте.твари.

    33. hmm

      I don’t see the point of shovels when you can use tranquilizer guns or stun guns or even yet a piece of meat as in food to lure it away. It might just be hungry and looking for food just like if we were to be homeless and we be finding away to get food. Homeless people also stays around the city to find food and beg for money because its useless being in the country side where its cold and there’s not much food out there. That’s why I lost hope in humanity.

    34. Sam

      Whether it is causing havoc or not the dog is a living animal and should be treated as such. You would not use a pistol or use shovels to kill a homeless person so why should you use it on any other living thing. Some people believe that if it is not human it is a lesser being. But we need to start thinking they are animals like us if they harm us they are punished but if we hurt them not much is done. People are starting to think they are so high and mighty when they are just sick and none carding people

    35. notyourdad

      I love it when people respond to really old articles and comments. The best part is when the response writer is a dense ignoramus who can’t spell or use any type of punctuation. Here’s a little tip: if you can’t spell yet you still feel compelled to write, break out a fucking dictionary. At the very least, your ignorant responses will be legible. Dumbasses……

    36. beba

      this is animal curelty u wouldnt like if they did that to u respect animals there living at least there are some ppl that really care about them ppl that do this are selfish ppl probably thinkin of them selfes yea i get it there big nd look mean but u dont even now the poor thing dont judge something by it looks like my teacher used to say dont judge a book by its cover

    37. alpha_dawgg

      i just wanted to say this to sleep better, fuck you all you make me sick, that chineses fuckers and all the haters that comment this post, animals have a heart and soul.

    38. Milenko

      Okay, lets look at it from their perspective; what would you do if some unidentified large dog was roaming around in your neighborhood allegedly “causing havok?” Which can mean anything, from simply rummaging through trash, chasing people’s cats, or even attacking children. If that’s what the police receive in their reports, it’s their job to respond to that call to ensure public safety… for whatever reason their “causing havok.”

      Under the same circumstances you would call the police too, or, if you’re the sensitive type of person, you would call Animal Control. Depending on who you call it can go one of two ways; either it gets shot dead by the police, or it gets taken to a shelter where it’ll eventually be euthanized if it poses a threat to people. But it doesn’t matter because in the end the dog dies anyway, that’s how it works in the Us. China just has a different way of doing it…

      Yes, it’s sad that we as humans can’t learn to take responsibility for what we do, but the truth is we’re not so different from they are because human beings are animals too! Violence and savagery is a part of every one of us. As a species we are physiologically predators, that part of us is what links us to the beasts we live among on this planet. To put it simply, the images you see here are just one species of animal competing with another to reach the top of the food chain… Such is the way of Nature.

      Animals do this to each other all the time in the wild; even as I’m writing this, there’s probably a pack of hyenas somewhere in Africa killing a lion cub that strayed too far from its Pride… and are literally ripping it apart! This is nothing new, it’s been happening for millions of years. Who are we to say what Mother Nature intends when we as a species don’t even know what’s best for ourselves?


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