The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

March 17 – March 30

There was a sanctioned protest in Beijing in front of the Malaysian embassy in response to MH370 news (or lack thereof). The Russian embassy, for whatever reason, compared its Crimea crisis with China’s Tiananmen Incident. Matt Sheehan made a tribute video to Beijing.

A former Bloomberg editor had some harsh things to say about his former bosses. RFH writes about Savills and Beijing air pollution. The Beijing Ducks won the CBA title.

You can listen to the Bookworm Literary Festival panel discussion on blogging in China in its entirety. Patrick Lozada interviewed Tom Chou of Patrice Wilson video fame. Japanese or Chinese – can you tell them apart?

Junkyard Transformers are pretty cool. Episode 2 of Sindicator is available: give it a watch. And check out the first tweets of China watchers, etc.

Comment of the Week:

narsfweasels on sanctioned protest in Beijing of MH370 handling:

These protestors should already have been arrested and sent down on a charge of “gathering a crowd to disturb public order.”

Oh, they’re not protesting about some murderous Party Cadre or ill-gotten wealth? Carry on then!

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