The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

August 27 – September 2

We were the first English-language blog to write about Neil Bush on Sina Weibo, and Chinese netizen reactions to him. In Zhengzhou, Henan province, a motorized wagon spilled 770 pounds of eggs, some of which were scooped up by passersby and taken home. Spotted in Nanjing: possibly the worst driver in the world, as Alicia tells us. And spotted in Beijing: glory hole, reports RFH.

Xinhua’s up to its old tricks, this time with a slideshow of “super movie villains” featuring Voldemort, Hannibal Lecter, the Joker, and the two gay leads from Brokeback Mountain. Jim Fields’s debut post for this site is about Gao Xiaosong’s eye-opening remarks about black people in America. An Australian man saved a swimmer in Shandong province with CPR, and a good Samaritan in Shanghai asked someone to continue filming him as he helped a fallen elder.

Liu Xiang is back in the news thanks to the five newspaper editors who got suspended for daring to write about him. A man faked blindness to feel up random women in public. And there’s a happy ending for the dog that got thrown off the 18th story of a building.

A man built his own submarine. A driver bowled over five girls standing in the middle of the road. Rappelling doesn’t work like this, and neither does physics.

Muhammed Morsi and Hu Jintao are simply the best. This guy can’t be sleeping, can he? And if someone tells you they can teach your child to read without eyes… don’t believe it.

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