The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

February 4 – February 10

A toddler mooned the second most powerful politician in China in front of CCTV cameras. Sarah Hansen wrote a Super Bowl diary, watching from the official NFL China viewing party in Beijing. Ping Fu is a memoirist caught in a web of exaggeration and lies, writes Alicia.

A Guangzhou gym offers a variety of fucks. Anne Ishii wrote a ridiculous review in Slate (involves Asian penis size, features quote from Martin Luther King Jr.). Sara Jane Ho will teach you etiquette for 10,000 pounds or less.

A migrant worker lost more than 14,000 yuan riding a scooter, but got it all back thanks to donations. A driver, after refusing to step out of his car, took an officer for a five-kilometer ride on the hood of her car. And this jaywalking idiot caused a truck crash.

Maya Moore and the Shanxi Flame are WCBA champions. American Kim Lee won a landmark divorce case against her Chinese husband. If you need an acting job, play a dying Japanese, writes Maryan Escarfullet — like this one who gets cleaved twain.

Brangelina begins learning Chinese. Hebei province, which surrounds Beijing, is really polluted. And the mystery blogger behind a popular Xi Jinping microblog — which produced this picture — has been revealed.

Chinese New Year is here, and this Twitter poem by Sarah Peel is your reminder. Watch New York City burn in this North Korean video. And, once again, here’s Creepy White Guys.

Comment of the Week:

To all of you who did not copy and paste a comment this week.

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