The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

July 8 – July 14

To watch now, if you haven’t already: Beijing State of Mind. Best hoax ever: KTVU and NTSB thought fake, racist names were actually the pilots of Asiana 214. Tsinghua University’s famous scholarly cat was scalded to death, which is terrible.

A whistleblower was attacked by hired hands, and lost vision in an eye. Sina sort of lost its shit after the latest public pooping incident. Here’s a house being swept away by floodwater in Sichuan.

Shanghai airport flights were cancelled, so fights broke out — involving China Eastern, of course. A girl caused a ruckus in the Beijing subway when she refused to put her expensive bag through security check. A Korean news presenter caused controversy when he said it was a “relief” that the victims of Asiana 214 weren’t Korean.

The Chinese embassy in Washington DC was tagged “demolish” on the day the Sino-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue began. You can pay someone to visit your parents, because of course you can. Evan Osnos has left China.

Bruce Lee was reincarnated for a Johnnie Blue commercial. Stop giving Jiaku the gorilla cigarettes, please. Sun Yat-sen’s wife’s statue has mysteriously disappeared from Zhengzhou, Henan. And here’s an astonishing wax statue of Kim Jong-il.

Comment of the Week:

Brendan on Other China-Related “Empire State Of Mind” Parodies You Might Enjoy:

Whatever happens, Ai Weiwei must never be told that there’s a meme out there he hasn’t milked for attention.

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