The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

May 21 – May 27

We began the week by announcing the winners to our Bar and Club Awards, then proceeded to pillory the Beijinger’s Bar and Club Awards party. The post has received 21 comments so far, including several from tbj GM Mike Wester. Personally, however, we enjoy the comments on this post, “Please Submit Your Story of Ambiguous Decency,” much better.

On Friday evening, Kris Pickett took a video of a protester in Xidan being pushed off a pedestrian bridge onto a bouncy tarp, then taken away by police. Another fight between American and Chinese basketball teams broke out that same night, while a white guy spat in the face of a Chinese man in Chengdu. Earlier in the week, a Shandong college cafeteria served its students whale meat without their knowledge. A 12-year-old from the same province has earned himself the nickname “China’s Messi,” and here’s a 70-year-old badass in Yunnan who tosses petrol bombs at those who try to evict him. If you need lighter news, try this chicken-raping dog GIF.

This “Mother of All Traffic Jams” post was linked on the Gawker Network’s Jalopnik, while we found out that Henry Breimhurst was responsible for this driving-in-China diagram. Valentina Luo’s debut post for BJC was about a rumored new political party in China called the Chinese Scientist Liberal Democratic Party.

China Ultimate Frisbee has been getting quite the attention recently, on CCTV-5 and this online Hennessy ad. Hong Kong’s NOW TV has won the sports-as-war metaphor with its Euro 2102 promo. Timed with Bo Guagua’s graduation from Harvard, a guest columnist came by to talk about princelings at Harvard. City Weekend did something.

Yang Rui says he called Melissa Chan a “shrew,” not bitch, and Chen Guangcheng is in New York. Finally, we’d like to remind everyone that nature can be a bitch sometimes, always calling at the least convenient time.

Here, again, are porn sites that are not blocked in China. Consider that our gift to you, China hands — for reading.

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