The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

March 4 – March 10

RFH had lunch at Beijing’s most racist restaurant. In Changchun, a two-month-old baby was murdered and buried in the snow, to a nation’s shock. Then, a Buick dealership used an image of the baby to try to sell cars. Here’s another video — with sound! — of Yunnan official Yan Linkun going berserk at the Kunming Airport.

Dogs in Chongqing are still waiting to be rescued after they were granted a reprieve from the slaughterhouse. A New York woman gave up two Chinese children she adopted, because she’s awful. The Two Sessions began in Beijing: here’s Hu Jintao masturbating, maybe.

John Wagner Givens traces China’s current graft and corruption to the Cultural Revolution, while Johan U writes about luxury brands hit hard. Robynne Tindall wrote about NPC delegate Zhong Nanshan’s comments about the environment, while a female journalist asked a three-minute question about the environment and got no response. Tindall also had this cute story about urban art in the form of furry creatures painted on tree trunks.

Bryan Burack wrote about a Henan man riding a pink scooter in interesting and dangerous ways. A Washington court was stunned when a Chinese student’s mom bailed him out of jail with a $2 million cashier’s check. Ben Ogle wrote about Wen Jiabao’s final speech at the NPC — boring as usual.

The Drum and Bell neighborhood is changing as we speak — here are pictures. Torval Lokison’s Acid Dumplings has returned. Check out these landfill pictures rendered as classical Chinese paintings.

Are you happy? People’s Daily can tell you. Reliving China’s win over Brazil in the World Baseball Classic. Chengguan manhandle a mother in front of her young child. $360,000 tourbillon phone? Yup.

Comment of the Week:

Fred, on RFH’s visit to Beijing’s racist diner:

Joke’s on him… that 卤煮火烧 was merely the remains of the last jap who dared to venture in.

Honorable mention:

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