The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

August 26 – September 1

A six-year-old’s eyes were gouged out by cornea thieves. The Bo Xilai trial ended with a fantastic revelation. Thank you to all participants of Chug-Off for Charity.

The Li Tianyi trial has begun in Beijing, and it quickly got ugly. Authorities have waged a smear campaign on Charles Xue, who was arrested for solicitation — or was he, Hu Xijin?

Let’s see if you believe this one, Western journos: Kim Jong-un executed his ex-girlfriend. Here’s that planned North Korean ski resort. Christopher Rehage’s “The Longest Way 2.0” is great.

Laowai Comics is back, and he brought with him the haters. Shanghai Craigslist ad was… honest. Everyone do the curdle cutter.

Water blast is insane, and dangerous to young children. Chinese travelers tried to steal cutlery off an airplane. Superstitious father is also terrible father.

This is a wonderful street fight. China Daily published a dong. Here’s Bo Xilai during happier times.

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