The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

February 25 – March 3

A teenager pooped into a trash receptacle in Guangzhou Subway, leading authorities to publish a handy map on bathroom locations. Mo Yan gave his first interview – to Der Spiegel – since winning the Nobel Prize in Literature. The Beijinger’s literary contest produced comedy gold, and here are China Twitter accounts you probably already follow.

Dennis Rodman became the first American to meet Kim Jong-un in office, because Kim was a big Rodman fan from his Chicago Bulls days. Rodman called Kim “an awesome kid.”

Jon Pastuszek wrote about the CBA playoffs. Justin Mitchell wrote a touching story about his family — old and new – in Shenzhen for Lantern Festival. Xiao Yi wrote about netizen reactions to a North Korea thing. And Robynne Tindall’s first piece for us was about a naked official with a vindictive girlfriend.

A German TV crew was attacked in Hebei province. Extreme sports pioneer Yi Ruilong died in a hang-gliding crash caught on tape. The CBA All-Star Weekend produced a very funny dunk contest.

Forget the pollution: it’s wind that wreaks havoc. An alpaca and red panda died in a zoo. Wuhan’s serial finger-biter was captured. Ang Lee won the Oscar for Best Director, said Chinese and Sanskirt in acceptance speech.

The controversial sign in a Beijing restaurant that warns away Japanese, Filipino, and Vietnamese diners has been removed. Yan Linkun, the airport official who went berserk after missing his flight, has been punished.

Public sex. PornHub still not blocked. Beijing Undie RunPervy panda.

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